Budget Package

It’s Your Wedding day!!

All Brides want that to be as special as possible.

However, we  understand that sometimes our Dreams and our Budgets are not aligned.

We can help!

You shouldn't have to get sub par service just because you don't have the big budget!

The Uptown DJ budget package was created to help the bride that doesn't have the big entertainment budget.



You don't have to settle for a part-time hobby DJ !! 

A  Discussion  In  A Wedding  Chat  Room


I'm working with a $5000 budget for our entire wedding budget.... I want us to be able to have our First Dance,  the Father / Daughter Dance and all those fun typical reception activities!  I can't figure out how to get around the fact that we need a DJ for it to happen, but that any DJ is going to want more then we can afford! Suggestions?


I know it seems like a huge expense but in reality they will keep the party going all night. I would highly recommend considering it as a necessity- I know a lot of people say use an Ipod.. but considering you would need to rent adequate sound equipment...I think its worth the extra couple hundred to just have someone professional handle it. 

You could rent some DJ company's Ipod rental system, but now you have to find someone to run it and play the right music at the right time.  Don't let uncle Paul touch the system, you know what kind of music he likes!


Very good advice!!

Now your getting service from a DJ company that provides trained DJ's  to ensure a sucessful worry free night !!


Budget DJ Package Includes:

2 Hours Of Dinner Music

4 Hours Of Dancing 

Professional Sound & Lighting

Uptown DJ Package  $895

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