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You have reviewed all this information. You have done your research and now your ready to let
Nite Lights Entertainment help you celebrate your wedding day! The only question is what do we do next??



We just need to get some basic info from you:
1. Both of your First & Last Names.
2. Phone numbers & Email addresses for both of you.
3. Your Mailing Address.
4. The Location of your reception ( and ceremony if needed ).
5. What DJ package would you like to book? We can help you determine the best package for your needs.
6. Besides the DJ, what else would you like to add on to enhance your celebration? ( photo booth, uplighting or ceremony )
7. Click Here                                                            to be taken to our booking form

Once we have this information, we can quickly email you the paperwork needed to reserve your date.
In the email there will be a link that when clicked will take you to your contract. Please review the contract and
digitally sign it at the bottom. Once you hit the SUBMIT button you will be taken to the payment page where you
can officially secure your date with the payment of the RESERVATION fee of $250. This payment is applied towards the
total balance. If you would rather send the payment in the mail just let us know.
Once we have received the digitally signed contract and reservation fee payment we will review and sign
the contract. You will receive a welcome email with attached instructions on how to use your online planner.



Inside the planner you will find the digital copy of your fully signed contract as well as the receipt for your payment
of the reservation fee. You can start the planning IMMEDIATELY !

For any questions please feel free to contact us at 920-347-8911


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