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Our 70inch Magic Mirror is a fun and classy

alternative to the traditional Photo Booth!


Capture the moment with our fun and classy alternative to the traditional Photo Booth.

Your guests can feel what its like to walk on the red carpet and get "Snapped" in all their glory. 

The Magic Mirror booth is the latest “to have” at weddings. Stand in front of the mirror and touch the specially integrated touch screen to take your photos. Once your photos have been captured, personalize your photos by signing your name on screen.
Collect your prints in less than 10 seconds.

We have some 2019 dates left. Is yours one of them?

Will your wedding have just another regular photo booth that has been at every wedding your guests have been to?
Or will your wedding be UNIQUE??

Who Has FUN With Our Mirror Booths At A Wedding? 


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The Photobooth is the 2nd greatest innovation in history for getting your guests out of their chairs and engaging in the fun. 

(The first is a great DJ from Nite Lights Entertainment!)


A Photo booth is silly … and it’s wonderful.  When your guests aren’t dancing, watch them line up to get their pic taken in our Photo booth. 

We provide props that bring out the fun in everyone.   One of the complaints we’ve heard from brides over the years is how quickly their reception went by.  They hate the fact that they didn’t get to talk to everyone.

















A Photo booth helps solve this common dilemma!

With our Photo booths, you end up with a scrap book of photos of your friends and family having the time of their lives,

a perfect compliment to what your photographer can provide.


Even more, your guests go home with their own candid pics, thanks to our Photo booth.


What a win/win.

























Why limit the fun!  A Photo booth allows you to maximize the entertainment value of your wedding reception.




The beauty of a Photo booth:


• Gets your guests out of their chairs and keeps them engaged in the fun.

• You get a large custom scrapbook packed with terrific candid pics of your guests.

• Your guests get great pics to take home with them as a memento .

• Your reception becomes the wedding party everyone remembers.


Don’t wait.  Popular dates do fill up quickly.

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