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Ceremony Sound

Because more brides are choosing non-traditional locations for their weddings we also offer Ceremony Sound packages.


Our Package includes:

Wireless battery powered speaker

Wireless lapel mic for your pastor

Additional microphone (if needed) for readers

Sound system technician

On-Line Ceremony Planner

We can also accommodate your musicians, vocalists and work with your videographer to capture your vows.

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day; the reception is just the celebration of a successful ceremony. So that’s why we feel it is important to provide a great sound system and reliable wireless microphones to ensure a perfect wedding ceremony that can be heard by all of your guests. We use Sennheiser G4 series mics for unparalleled reliability and quality sound. 

What is a Lapel Microphone??


download (7).jpg
  • Otherwise known as a lavalier mic. The Officiant clips it onto the lapel or collar of their clothes

  • Almost invisible

  • No need for a mic stand if your officiant wants to have his or her hands free

Your Ceremony Pictures Should Look Like This!

images (17).jpg

NOT Like This!!

images (16).jpg
download (56).png
download (53).png
download (47).png
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