First Off, We’d like to dispel

three common myths about


Myth # 1: Our entertainers are mind readers.


Many of our customers believe this. 

They notice how we seem to anticipate their needs before they have to say anything.  They marvel at the way we seem to understand what it takes to get people out onto the dance floor.  They wonder how we seem to know exactly what to do to show your guests the time of their life.


Our secret isn’t really mind-reading.  It only seems that way.  We call it professionalism.


Myth #2: We have the biggest song selection in the world.


This is not true. 

We believe the Library of Congress may have more.  Rumor has it that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a bigger selection.  Besides, size doesn’t matter as much as quality.  With us, you enjoy a huge selection of the most loved songs in America played on incredible, ultra-modern sound systems.  All of this great music is played according to your specific tastes.


Myth #3:You can’t afford                                          . 

This is simply not true. 

Many people who have attended events where we’ve performed falsely believe quality this good is beyond their reach.  Yes, we provide top quality in our profession.  We offer you a nice blend of packages designed to fit many budgets.  We offer a package just right for most budgets.


Nite Lights Entertainment was created in 1993 and has sucessfully entertained well over 1000 wedding celebrations!! The key to our sucess is very simple. We ask the bride for her vision of the perfect wedding and then we show her how we can create that vision!  This key has earned us the Weddingwire Couples Choice Award for a 4th straight year! We are a full- time company and our mission is stress free planning for your reception!! At Nite Lights Entertainment ALL of our DJ's are full time and work on your schedule and you know who your DJ is and work with them from day 1 to create your perfect wedding reception! Our DJ's attend many training events locally and nationally to learn new ways to exceed our clients expectations. So when a DJ company says they have many years of experience, is it many years of doing it the "same ol way" or many years of making new and exciting memories that were created for each couple!?!?

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