Making Dreams Come True

Nite Lights Entertainment is your key to bringing your dream wedding to life.  We love weddings, working with brides and we know how to create a magical reception that exceeds your dreams!

We create events that will engage and energize your guests. You’ll see everyone united in a single purpose:  to celebrate your wedding.  We provide the fun … done the way you want it. 

We play the music you love.  We provide the level of interaction you want.


Your job is to simply relax and bask in the glow of a celebration that’s all about you!!!

Great wedding receptions DON'T happen by accident!  Some brides let the planning stress them out. WE KNOW WEDDINGS!  We know how to pack the dance floor!


Turning a Vision into Reality

Whether it’s the right musical environment, custom monograms or your reception venue full of uplighting, Nite Lights Entertainment takes event entertainment to the next level. We look forward to the opportunity to share our services with you and help you plan the wedding of a lifetime!

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

We are consistently searching, scouting, recruiting and attracting the most talented, outgoing, friendliest and fun-loving PEOPLE across NE Wisconsin. We take these personalities and provide them with professional DJ training, MC training, Event training, and Live Event experiences to help develop their “DJ persona.” This has allowed us to build a strong family of DJs that are bonded by a love of music, committed to professionalism, share a passion for putting smiles on people’s faces!  We could not be more proud of our team of  DJs, and we can’t wait to have them bring their energy and enthusiasm to your wedding celebration!

We offer DJs to fit every musical taste, MC style, or general “vibe” that you are looking for at your upcoming wedding or event